The Ride to Recovery

“Exercise will help”, the physios/doctors told me, even the BBC were running a story about how exercise could help stop re-occurrence. I could barely walk, my knee joints a mess from all the chemo and subsequent hormone therapy. What would you suggest? I asked; swimming or cycling,
the water or bike will support you and the movements should help the joints. Swimming, required more effort, I was suffering with the cold, had no hair to speak of so the thought of swimming pools, changing rooms and people wasn’t really appealing. Cycling it was then! I mean you can just put your gear on and go straight from home, just me, the bike, the road and my thoughts and the helmet will cover my egghead! Your outside, not cooped up, the peddling forcing you to breath and it gives a great excuse for badness’s.

If you haven’t guessed, I’m no gym bunny, more of a cake cow really. I’m a good size 16, sometimes an 18 and I love my food. But I also want to live and if fitness is the way to help that, I’m willing to do it. So bike it was, or wasn’t, I tried my old bike and could barely pedal it. Not wanting to give up I started looking at ebikes a bit of assistance wasn’t cheating right? I started visiting cycling shops, I thought I’d talk to some people about them to try and make a decision. It was at this point I discovered that, unbeknown to me I was wearing an invisibility cloak, you know like in Harry Potter, people seem to think there’s someone there but decide no and ignore you. I don’t know if it was the lack of hair, the non cyclist body shape (see above re cake cow) or what but I found myself practically begging staff to show me bikes! I finally visited JE James and for once, wasn’t ignored, however a lot of their bikes were well out of my price range. Then they mentioned a Raleigh that they had reserved for someone but they hadn’t
been back. It was end of season colours (like I knew or cared!), I wanted the bike and a deal was done! Between the cycle to work scheme and JE James, I had my ebike! I collected it the following week all set to ride.

But hold your horses Helen! God had other plans and sent a band of snow/rain and general miserableness so my new ebike Sammy stood happily in the middle of the kitchen with me starting to wonder what I’d done and if I’d ever get to ride her. But every cloud and all! This gave me the opportunity to do some shopping for my new toy. I soon discovered that, like in the bike shops, due to my size I was pretty invisible to most cycle clothing shops (its that damn Harry Potter cloak again!), and those that did cater for me were very expensive! Knowing that lycra was a necessity for comfort and not a fashion statement I just couldn’t bring
myself to pay silly money so off to Aldi I went and purchased the biggest padded shorts they did! And a high vis top, because you know, even though I was like a heffalump on Sammy, that cloak crap might still happen.

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