About me

Hi, I’m Helen, writer of StillHereHappy. In March 2018 life for me was going pretty ok, then one morning I felt a lump in the shower and yep you’ve guessed it – cancer, Grade 3 Stage 3 (this isn’t good btw!). Surgery, Chemotherapy, Radiotherapy and hormone treatment have all followed and is on going. Nearly a year on (hindsight’s a wonderful thing!) I’ll be sharing my tips and giving you strategies that I have and am using, even right now to get through the bad times and keep yourself positive and still here happy!

I’m a normal mum/wife/office worker who enjoys the rural life and outdoors. I’ll be involving you in my journey to try and rebuild both my body and mind following treatment and hope you’ll join me and maybe even try some of the activities too. These will range from Cycling, horses, shooting, food, sports and crafts and some complimentary treatments. I’ll let you know what’s worked and what hasn’t. Hopefully we can all have a smile along the way.

Five things about me

  1. I live in the Midlands in the United Kingdom (yep, I’m British!)
  2. I’ve received treatment through both the NHS and private institutes (paid by me, no
  3. I’ve competed in the Commonwealth Games
  4. I am and have always been between a size 14-18 (predominantly size 16) 5ft 5” and struggle
    with weight (I love food!)
  5. I’m determined to at least try! – join me!